A.M.A. is There -  Communities in Bloom Symposium
A.M.A.'s Anne Marie Klaas & Connie Bradt are attending the Communities in Bloom National Symposium in Ottawa/Gatineau this week.  They are exhibiting too.

A.M.A. has a lot to offer to assist municipalities with their horticultural beautification programs.  You can see some of it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOKDFTu2GrQ
Our H2O Labor Saver Hanging Baskets are a big hit with municipalities trying to maintain a beautiful streetscape with lower maintenance costs.

A.M.A. works with some of Ontario's largest municipalities, pre-filling their growing containers and delivering them right to their greenhouse.  They just don't have the equipment of people to do that job efficiently.

Of course there's more: Urbanscape Lightweight, Easily Installed Green Roof Systems; Al's Flower Pouch; Growing Containers; Plant Support; Growing mixes...

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