A.M.A. is There -  Cities Alive Conference
A.M.A.'s Connie Bradt and Sarah Bradt are in Seattle this week for the Green Roofs for
Healthy Cities, Cities Alive Conference. They're taking in seminars and meeting others in 
the industry to further develop our knowledge base and network in the green roof industry.
 We just installed our Urbanscape demo Green Roof at A.M.A.  Hydroponics and it looks great.  It was so easy to install and we  have never done an installation before.  Urbanscape offers
 landscape designers, contractors, and roofing contractors an  opportunity to supply an expanded market.

 Urbanscape is very lightweight, is a lot easier and faster to install  and can often be installed where heavy soil based green roofs  can't.  It's a lot less work too.

 A.M.A. stocks Urbanscape supplies (Root Barrier Membrane;  Drainage; Green Roll Substrate) and we ship by the pallet or  container load across USA & Canada.