Big Interest in Greenhouse/Tunnel Strawberries -  Ontario Berry Growers Association Meeting at A.M.A
Kingsville, ON -  We had 29 growers here at A.M.A. from 20 farms on April 20th for an Ontario Berry Growers Association meeting on Greenhouse & Tunnel Grown Strawberries.  In total, there were 43 attendees including Shalin Khosla and Erica Pate from OMAFRA; Kevin Schooley, Kevin Howe & Tom Heeman from OBGA; Raymond van Mierlo from Bato & Eric Boot from BVB Substrates/Lemon & Fraise.

This meeting was for greenhouse and tunnel strawberry growers and those seriously interested in becoming one. The turnout was far above our expectations and the intense interest in the speaker's talks showed that we have a strong core group of growers in Ontario, ready to move this new part of the strawberry industry (new to North America) forward. And it is happening at a steady pace with significant investment in only a few short years.

A.M.A. is happy to be a partner in this development. We're working hard with growers and suppliers to build a knowledge base for controlled environment strawberry production in Canada and the USA.  Our partnerships with BVB Substrates, a world leader in berry substrates and with Bato Plastics, a world leader in berry growing containers, both from The Netherlands, means we are not reinventing wheels here, but rather building on the existing knowledge and expertise developed in Europe since the beginning of this form of production in the 1980's, where BVB was a pivotal player.

A.M.A. stocks specialized substrates for all kinds of berry production, including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, haskaps, gooseberries and more. We also stock specialized growing containers and propagation trays for these crops. We ship across North America by the pallet or directly from Europe by the container load.

Want to know more about greenhouse or tunnel grown berry propagation and production? Contact Shawn Mallen, Manager, A.M.A. Hydroponics.