Ellepots by A.M.A.

We manufacture Ellepots by A.M.A. and ship across North America from our production facilities in Kingsville, ON and Stockton, CA. We also do contract production of Ellepots for other suppliers. Ellepots are primarily used as a rooting media for plant cuttings, but are also used in seed propagation and tissue culture production. Ellepots are for any cutting variety. We are also now involved in organic greenhouse vegetable production.
You name the variety – if it’s from a cutting, Ellepots are the way to go. We produce Ellepots in 16 diameters in well over 100 different trays. Ask us about our deep trays – great for perennials and nursery stock. Ellepots are made to order and arrive ready to use with just an easy watering in.

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Who are Ellepots by A.M.A. for?

If you’re a propagator of any plant/tree variety, you owe it to your business to try Ellepots by A.M.A.
We’ll be happy to send samples for the variety you grow!
Some of North America’s largest propagators are using Ellepots by A.M.A. in their program.

Why Ellepots?

Ready to use Fast, healthy rooting
Better take rates Faster crop turnover
Uniform plants Faster grading & sorting
Reduced use of plastic pots Sustainable
Reduced labour Reduced shrink
Almost any crop Cuttings, seeds, tissue culture
Can be customized 16 diameters available
Over 100 trays to choose from Sample & TRIAL program

Did you know?
We have a certified organic mix available.

CRITICAL NEWS for tree growers
Citrus Ellepots

Citrus in the new Stuewe PPEC Pot ends root girdling in propagation

Tree growers have long struggled with root girdling in propagation. Tree buyers have struggled too, with early tree death, diseased trees, blown over trees and other troubles. In propagation, the roots hit the bottom of the cell or container and begin spinning round and round. Once the spinning starts, it almost never stops, unless those roots are manually pruned off – a laborious and expensive process for growers.

A.M.A. now offers solutions that end root girdling (or at least greatly reduce it). You can propagate beautiful trees with air pruned roots that transplant easily into a larger container or the field. Offer your customers trees with lateral roots that spread out and offer a natural-like root architecture for long lived, healthy trees. You can end those spinning roots that result in disease, crown rot, lack of nutrient and moisture uptake, early tree death, easily blown over trees, reduced fruit yields and other problems resulting from root girdling.

And for those pots you are transplanting into? We can help solve the root girdling problem there too, with new container designs that air prune and make handling easy through the production and/or retail process. If you are an ornamental, fruit or nut tree grower, please call us. We can save you money and help you produce better trees. See for yourself. Ask about our TRIAL PROGRAM. If you are a landscaper buying trees, you need to start asking questions about this to reduce the number of trees you find yourself replacing or worse, having your customers just go elsewhere because the trees you planted for them died or blew over.

Diamond Frost

Diamond Frost



Campanula Propagation

Campanula Propagation

Look at these Results!
45mm Ellepots Hydrangea

45mm Ellepots Hydrangea at 18 days

At 18 days

45mm Ellepots Hydrangea at 25 days

At 25 days

45mm Ellepots Hydrangea at 34 days

At 34 days

A.M.A. is North America’s #1 Producer of Ellepots in both volume and selection!

Did we mention that John was a grower before joining A.M.A., – he was our first Ellepot customer. Since joining A.M.A. in 2001, he’s handled more Ellepot questions and situations than pretty well anyone in North America. Now that’s experience.

There’s likely a distributor near you – just ask us. Ellepots by A.M.A. – You Win!
We can ship Ellepots by the case or by the pallet. It always arrives fresh and is ready to use. We carry almost no inventory, so your product is made to order. Be sure to allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery (scheduled to arrive when you need it).

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