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AMA accIt was Allen’s entry into hydroponic growing media in 1996 that brought Connie into A.M.A. Plastics. Since then, our hydroponics business has grown and products have been added. In 2006, we created our A.M.A. Hydroponics division to make our commitment to our growing hydroponics supply business easily recognizable. A.M.A. Hydroponics operates a segregated, restricted access warehouse using sanitation procedures that reduce the risk of disease spread. Our core remains substrates and the newest addition to our substrate line-up is truly a technological change for our industry – BVB Sublime offers increased yield, controllability, sustainability and profitability for growers – Ask us about The New Substrate; And don’t forget our clips and twines.

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BVB Sublime

BVB Sublime

BEST Tomato Clips

21mm Tomato Clip

We offer products from the best manufacturers in the industry to support propagation and crop production:

  • Deleco Tomato Clips & Plant Supports including THE BEST TOMATO CLIP and the Bio-Clip – certified compostable tomato clip (truss supports too)
  • BVB Sublime – the new substrate – check out www.bvb-sublime.nl
  • Lankhorst Twines including the best in the business -Elite Horti-Twine for Tomatoes and Peppers
  • Jute cucumber and tomato twines; and now, a compostable twine that really works
  • Stonewool Blocks, Plugs, and Slabs
  • Coir Slabs from BVB Substrates – a reliable international supplier
  • AMA sleeves for re-sleeving slabs



  • Tomato Control Sheets to aid in laying down blocks onto your slabs
  • Poly Co-ex ground covers
  • Trough liners
  • Sleeve Hole Cutters,De-Leafing Buggies
  • Picking Shears and knives
  • Cucumber Wrap
  • Poly Bags
  • Pre-Wound Tomato Hooks including the JS System for big labour savings
  • Ellepots for propagation
  • J-Hooks
  • Lettuce Production Systems – Floating – New technology from Cultivation Systems – better crops, lower cost – it’s all about air
  • J-Hooks


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We ship most hydroponics supplies across North America.

BVB Sublime

BVB Sublime

Watch presentation on HydroponicsNEW

Watch how to reduce installation time of pre-wound tomato hooks by up to 30% and save on labour.

Dry Hydroponics Lettuce

Dry Hydroponics – Growing Lettuce & Herbs Profitably

Dry Hydroponics is suitable for short-cycle crops, like lettuce, herbs and flowers. In cultivation ponds filled with nutrient rich water, the crops grow in crop holders placed on floats. This patented design allows crops to acquire sufficient amounts of water, light, nutrients, CO2 and oxygen at all times. The crops grow in a natural way without necessary human intervention.Dry Hydroponics Lettuce

The cultivation system

Dry Hydroponics distinguishes the overground part of the crop between the underground part. The designs provides an airy and light environment for the overground part, an ideal microclimate for the development of strong and healthy leaves. To the underground part of the plant, generous amounts of water and oxygen are always available.

Furthermore, the insulating effect of the floats and the generous amounts of available water not only provide an optimal cultivation climate, it also makes Dry Hydroponics a particularly reliable cultivation system.

Dry Hydroponics’ new approach to crop protection is based on the prevention of situations that ordinarily harm crops. This is achieved in such a degree that intervention is hardly necessary.

The plants are also free from sand, soil, and weeds. Dry Hydroponics is such a clean approach to growing crops that they can be sealed immediately and are ready-to-eat.

Watch Dry Hydroponics Video.
Watch Shallow Water Culture- Hydroponics Lettuce.

Agrifast TOM System

TOM System

TOM Systems quick and easy working method for guiding plants with metal rings closed with a stapler.
Advantages :

• TOM-System Quick and easy method for guiding plants
• Fast installation of clips
• Reduce clip installation labour cost by 30% or more
• Easy on installers finger tips
• Clips are degradable through oxidization
• Clips are economical
• Reduced transport cost due to high capacity per pallet
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We sell two items:

1. The AG234 Stapler with Battery Pack – includes the back pack, charger, and heavy carry/storage case
2. TOM System Metal Plant Rings

Perfect for:

• Hydroponic Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, Eggplant
• Use with Lankhorst Bio-Twine for additional savings in crop disposal costs and labour
TOM System advantage

Watch the TOM System in action.
View – TOM Tomato Clip System gallery
Click here to know more
See How TOM system works

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